Chlorine Resistant Swimwear – An Entirely Different Fibre

I am always amazed that most people do not understand chlorine resistant swimwear. It is not a treatment of the fabric; it is an entirely different fibre. Most fashion swimwear is Nylon Lycra which is a very soft and pliant fibre. It shapes and dyes easily and is therefore perfect for fashion designs. Chlorine resistant swimwear is 100% Polyester; it is a very firm and strong fibre that does not hold bright coloured dyes as easily as Lycra. But it is resistant to the effects of chlorine in pool water. Chlorine and the other chemicals in pools and spas will eventually affect the Polyester fibre; but it will take a lot longer than Nylon Lycra. Polyester swimwear in a chemically treated pool will last between 15 to 20 times longer than Nylon Lycra. Buying Nylon Lycra for pool work is not recommended. Depending on the pool, Hydro Therapy pools and Spa’s have the highest chemical levels, not only chlorine, also Bromine and possibly other strong chemicals, your swimsuit will not last very long at all.

In the past chlorine resistant swimwear has been made in sporting styles and aimed at the younger market. As the manufacturers learn more about Polyester they are able to make more fashion styles that are Chlorine Resistant. There is a great range of colours coming through in Chlorine Resistant styles from companies like Way Funky. These are still mostly aimed at the younger market. Ada and other companies are making 100% polyester swimwear in fashion styles. These companies are making for the more mature lady and are great for water aerobics and hydro-therapy.The other very important use of chlorine resistant swimwear is for children’s swimwear. Kids are in pools for school swimming and also for private swimming lessons. Lycra swimwear can be quite cheap to buy, but if it is used in a pool regularly could last a matter of weeks. This cheap swimwear can end up being very expensive. 100% polyester swimwear will last 15-20 times longer than Lycra. So your slightly more expensive chlorine resistant swimsuit could end up being a very inexpensive buy.

Whether you are a young Mum with children at school or a mid life lady looking after your fitness and joints by doing Aqua Aerobics or an older lady at Hydro-Therapy, chlorine resistant swimwear is the way to go. Remember the life expectancy of polyester is 15-20 times longer than Nylon Lycra is chlorine pools. Also remember that salt water pools still contain chlorine. The salt goes through a chlorinator converting it to chlorine long enough to kill the germs in the water.

If you must use your Lycra swimwear in the pool there is a new product on the market called Suit Saver. It will help the life of Nylon Lycra in chlorine by neutralising the chemicals. This product is also good to remove the chlorine smell from your swimwear and is available from our website at

How to Make the Best Marinated Grilled Shrimp

If you want to make the best Marinated Grilled Shrimp, here are some easy tips to follow.

Many people ask the question, “How do I marinade shrimp?”

It’s quite simple really. You need to first find a recipe for a Grilled Shrimp Marinade. There are so many recipes available. You just need to find the best marinated grilled shrimp recipes to suit your taste.

Although many recipes are specified for marinated grilled shrimp, you can use any Shrimp Marinade recipe and grill it, pan-fry it, or bake it. Just because the recipes call for grilling the shrimp you don’t always have to follow that. You can use en electric indoor grill like the George Forman or bake the marinated shrimp in the oven. Pan-frying the marinated shrimp is another option. Especially on rainy days!

Easy Steps For the Best Marinated Grilled Shrimp

1. Purchase Raw fresh or Frozen Shrimp. For grilling purposes, I recommend Large or Extra-Large Shrimp. It is best not to buy pre-cooked shrimp because you are going to be cooking it again on the grill. Raw shrimp takes only minutes to cook. For the best results, and too avoid chewy shrimp, always start with Raw Shrimp.

2. Clean and Devein Shrimp – this is assuming you bought shrimp in the shell. (If you bought shelled-deveined shrimp, skip this step.) Under cold running water, remove outer shell and legs. Leave tail in tact. Make a small slice along the center back of the shrimp and with the tip of your knife, gently remove the black vein. Rinse shrimp and set into clean bowl. Repeat until all shrimp are done.

3. Drain any excess water from bowl of cleaned shrimp. Pat dry with paper towels to soak up any excess water remaining on shrimp.

4. Cover and refrigerate shrimp until ready to marinade

5. Choose your favorite Marinated Grilled Shrimp Recipe

6. Prepare Shrimp Marinade ingredients according to recipe

7. Remove shrimp from fridge, uncover, pour marinade over shrimp and stir shrimp to coat completely. Recover tightly and return to fridge.

8. Marinade approx. 1 hour or follow recipe instructions for best results.

9. When marinade time is almost complete, pre-heat grill to a medium – high heat.

10. Skewer shrimp or place in grilling basket, grill according to recipes instructions and enjoy the Best Marinated Grilled Shrimp ever!

Here are a few simple Marinades for Grilled Shrimp:

1/4 c. olive oil

1/4 c. dry white wine

1 tbsp. minced dry onion

1/2 tsp. dried basil (1 tsp. if fresh)

1/2 tsp. dried rosemary

1/4 tsp. pepper

Place 1 pound raw shelled shrimp in re-closable plastic bag or container with tight lid, add marinade. Close, refrigerate 2-4 hours. Drain marinade. Thread shrimp onto pre-soaked skewers. Grill over hot coals 6-10 minutes. Brush often with reserved marinade.

1 c. dry white wine

1 c. olive oil

1/2 tsp. chopped basil

1 tbsp. coarse black pepper

1/2 tsp. cajun spice (optional)

1 lb lg. raw shrimp, peeled, deveined (leave on tails)

Thin lemon slices

Mix marinade in shallow bowl, add shrimp, cover, refrigerate for at least 3 hours, turning occasionally. Set grill on high heat. Skewer shrimp and lemon slices on bamboo skewers, alternating each. Grill until shrimp just become opaque. Baste occasionally with leftover marinade. Grill approx.

3 minutes per side.

If you want really fast and easy shrimp marinade, purchase a bottle of pre-made seafood marinade. My favorites are Lawry’s Tequila Lime or Caribbean Jerk. You can find them at your local grocery store. Marinade the raw shrimp for approx. 1 hour before grilling.

Fake Dating Profiles – How To Spot A Fake Profile From A Photo

E-Whoring. It does not sound like a nice name and in the dating world it isn’t. Put simply, e-whoring is when a man pretends to be a woman on the internet. Start talking to a ‘woman’ who has set up one of these profiles and at best you are wasting your time. At worst, she will scam you out of your money or personal details.

So how do you spot a scam profile from a photo alone?

First, let’s start where men hang out pretending to be women. They congregate on sites single men visit and this means chat rooms and basic dating sites. These are the choice targets as they are free for men to contact women. A woman gets online, sets up a Facebook account or a free dating profile and starts to make friends. Her goal is to get you to join a site where you can chat more often or see each other more intimately over a webcam.

The man, or group of people behind the fake profile, gets paid per sign up they bring into a service. They are simply after the money. The more men who do what they ask, the more they get paid. Beautiful women have higher conversion rates, so an attractive woman will always be used in a profile. Their first step to setting up the fake account is to steal photos. Be cautious when you see –

Modeling photos but no personal photos – if she gives you some professionally taken photos but throws in a few awkward self portraits or photos with friends, then it is likely to be a real person. If all you see are shots that belong in a catalogue, then that is probably where they came from. A good way to tell is to ask for a recent photo (e.g. ask her to take a photo when she goes out this weekend). If she ignores the request or says she does not have a camera, then you are talking to a guy. Even the cheapest cell phones these days have 3 MP cameras built in.

Risque photos – men sometimes think with the wrong head and the scammers know this. If you see a beautiful women and she is showing too much skin, then think hard before replying. Honestly, how many women do you think send half naked photos of themselves to men online for the purpose of finding a meaningful relationship? It never happens, so don’t start thinking this is an exception.

Small photos and photos with blurred out water marks – this is a sign of a lazy scammer. To cut down bandwidth taken up by visitors who have not joined yet, many dating sites will only show thumbnail sized photos. If the scammer stole the photo from one of these sites without bothering to pay for a membership, then they are not going to have a bigger resolution photo. Similarly, some sites put a water mark on the photo. It is possible to remove the mark with Photoshop but it can take awhile. If you are setting up several fake accounts, then you are not going to invest that time.

Her description does not match the photo – many men who set up fake profiles are not fluent in English. Because of this, they often make mistakes. Her profile might say she is 110 pounds but she is very overweight in the photo. Or the profile says brown eyes when clearly they are blue.

When chatting to women online, the most powerful check you can use is your common sense. If something does not feel right, then trust your instincts. Just remember the golden rule of not getting scammed – do not send any money to someone you have not met personally.

How to Satisfy Your Girl Sexually and Give Her the Satisfaction She Deserve

Men always want to pleasure their women. They feel inadequate and incapable if they failed giving their women the sexual satisfaction they deserve. If you are having a hard time bringing your woman to the climax of lovemaking and you are clueless on how you can satisfy your girl sexually, you came to the right place. Here are some tips to help you give your woman multiple orgasms.

Take away all her inhibitions. For women, sex is something personal because this is when they connect physically and emotionally with their man. Women cannot totally engage in the act of lovemaking and reach orgasms if she has hang-ups, inhibitions and shyness and if she is too self-conscious and embarrassed. She will find it hard to climax with you if there are a lot of negative things in her mind like the feeling that she is fat, too skinny, her breasts are too small, she is not good in bed, etc. All these negative feelings can ruin your lovemaking and your plans to satisfy your girl sexually in bed. So take away her worries and make her feel that you want her and you find her so adorable, sexy and gorgeous. To prepare for a great lovemaking, make her feel safe and comfortable with you.

Know what turns her on. Even shy women have their wild fantasies and they want something in bed. Know her fantasies and make her understand that you want to satisfy her in bed. Flirt with her and discover what turns her on. Give more time for foreplay and stimulate her sensitive parts like her neck, ears, breasts and the area between her legs. Be sensitive with her responses to know what turns her on and bring her to the heights of excitement. It is easier to satisfy your girl if you know how to arouse her.

Remind yourself that this is about her not about you. It is important to remind yourself that you want to satisfy your girl sexually and her needs are your priority. You are there to lead her to a mind-blowing multiple orgasms. Besides you will also feel good to see that you are successful in giving her the pleasure she deserves.

Does Celery Increase Ejaculate?

Most men take pride in being able to produce larger volumes of semen while a whole lot of others desire to be able to produce more semen. A larger volume of semen is not just good for fertility but can also do wonders for pleasure on ejaculation.

This is largely because you need stronger contractions to release a larger volume of semen on ejaculation and these stronger contraction intensify pleasure.

Does Celery Increase Ejaculate?

Certain foods can help boost semen volume and celery is one of them. Though there are no studies to back this claim, most men say they are able to produce more semen after having it for a couple of days.

Perhaps the best way to check out is to have it yourself. After all, there are no side effects of having celery!

Foods that Boost Semen Volume

Besides celery, there are a couple of foods that can increase your ejaculate. Foods that are rich in certain minerals like zinc, selenium and magnesium are highly effective.

Here are some examples:

Foods that contain zinc include oysters, red meat, pumpkin seeds, nuts and beans etc.,

Foods that contain selenium include poultry, cottage cheese, tuna, red meat, eggs etc.,

Besides zinc, folic acid can not only help increase semen volume but also improve sperm count. Studies have shown that when sub fertile men are give zinc and folic acid supplements, their fertility improves. Foods that contain folic acid include spinach, turnip greens, peas, broccoli, asparagus, citrus fruits, beans etc.,

Moreover, you should also have enough of water. This is because when your body is dehydrated you are likely to produce lower volume of semen.

Herbal Supplements to Enhance Semen Volume

Though above foods can be a big help, there are some herbal semen enhancers which have become a big hit with men seeking semen enhancement.

This is because, they are not just safe and free of side effects and can increase your semen volume but can actually result in overall male sexual enhancement.

These semen enhancers are a mix of age proven herbs and other nutrients that not only increase semen volume but also do wonders for your libido and ensure rock hard erections by increasing blood flow to the genitals.

Word of Caution

Though there are many herbal supplements, you need to be cautious while selecting one. This is because such supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Hence, it becomes important the supplement you choose to buy is clinically approved, recommended by doctors and is manufactured in a cGMP certified or FDA approved facility.

Find out more on the Best Semen Enhancers that are 100% natural, clinically approved and have helped thousands of men increase their semen volume without any side effects.

A Long Straight Penis – What Every Man Wants

Functioning and looks of the penis affect men greatly, a fact proven by statistics. This most important organ holds its place right up there in the pecking order amongst the organs of the body. The shape and working of the penis is often a measure of the sexuality of a man. Besides nature’s designated role of facilitating procreation, the penis is also the instrument of satisfying man’s sexual pleasures and wants. It is not size alone that matters- the shape of the penis also holds an equally important place in the minds of men – he will do nearly anything to ensure his penis is of the right shape and size, as this can have important bearings on the degree of success in his sex life.

It is important to understand that most penises of men are not perfectly straight – they are slightly bent to a side, and this is completely normal. In fact, a completely straight penis is more an exception than the norm. The curvature of the penis could be due to any of a variety of reasons – genetics, an accident, or disease. Of these, the first, genetics, is the most widespread reason. Genes control all of a man’s physical characteristics, and thus the penis shape is more hereditary than anything else. The man’s ancestors will also closely determine size and color. The next thing that could cause a penis to go out of shape is an accident, and should be able to be corrected by a surgical procedure; but if not treated well, may cause the penis to curve permanently. The third reason, a disease called Peyronie’s, can be yet another reason for the penis to get a curve. This is a precarious situation and needs immediate medical attention to avoid deterioration in the condition.

So which is the best penis shape for sex – straight or crooked? Opinions vary as to the efficiency of either. A straight penis definitely has the advantage of better looks and improves the chances of women being inclined to have sex with such a person. Conversely, a peculiarly shaped penis can be a turn-off, and the woman may be less passionate about sex, and may even entirely reject the whole idea. How an odd-shaped penis will enter a petite vagina is beyond imagination. Perhaps this is why it is considered a disadvantage to have a penis with an excessive curvature. Sexual intercourse in such a case can be very distasteful for both partners, even becoming painful to the extent of taking away the entire pleasure from the lovemaking session.

The one place where a crooked penis scores over its straight counterpart is the different sensation it brings to the vagina. On entering, the crooked penis may provide great satisfaction by stimulating previously untouched parts of the vagina. This besides, the curved penis has the potential of causing much trouble to the man who possesses it. Several methods are advocated as a cure, some preferring exercise and some attempting fairly unconventional methods also. What is clear from most situations is that a straight penis has wider acceptance than a curved one. The major advantages includes being best at attracting women, effortless sexual encounters and complete satisfaction.

Desktop PC Video Recording Tips

Creating a quality video from your desktop PC can be done easily but takes preparation and pre-planning. Always plan out what you are going to record and say before you make the actual recording. Sometimes if the recording is lengthy, a rehearsal will help smooth out some of the awkward moments. Below are some audio and video recording tips to help you with some of the subtleties of creating a quality video that will take your video from OK to great.

Audio Recording Tips

  • Do not rely on the microphone built into the PC for recording audio. Go out and purchase a quality microphone or mic/headphone set. There are significant differences in the quality of mic/headsets so take extra time to shop, expect to pay about US$50. 
  • Ensure the recording volume level is not too high or too low. There is usually a way to test the volume level built in the recording program, be sure to use it.
  • On reviewing the audio recording, if you hear loud pops when you say “P” or “T”, try repositioning the microphone slightly to avoid a direct angle to the mouth. For example, drop the mike down about 1 inch from your lower lip, or change the angle so it is not directly in front of your mouth.
  • If possible, make your recordings in a quiet room. Turn off fans and or other objects that can cause background noise. Closing the door is a good way to reduce or eliminate uncontrollable outside noises.
  • Something that is often overlooked is the ringing of phones. Make sure all phones in the room including cell phones are turned off.
  • Avoid drinking liquids or eating, including chewing gum, during recording. These activities result in very annoying sounds that have no place in a recording.
  • Plan what you are going to say ahead of time. Stumbling around with your words or restating your topic multiple times will annoy the listener.

Video Recording Tips

  • Try to limit video training modules to 5 – 8 minutes in length. It is difficult for adult learners to maintain focus for longer periods.
  • If a topic needs more than 8 minutes, break the material up into several smaller sections to maintain a 5 – 8 minute criteria.
  • Organize your material in outline format. This makes it easier for the audience to follow and provide excellent cue’s for the conversation.
  • Slow your speech down. Normal conversational speech is a bit too fast when providing new material in a learning environment. Slowing down will allow better comprehension by the viewer. NOTE: Keep in mind this is likely the first time your viewers are seeing this material so they will need extra time to absorb the visual and audible conversation being presented.
  • Move the mouse and cursor at a slow and deliberate pace, avoid quick jumps. When fast cursor movement is reproduced in the video, the action becomes an annoying blur. Rely on post-production editing and highlighting to draw the viewers’ attention, as appropriate. Avoid circling the cursor around the field you are pointing out. At 10 frames per second, this frantic movement is useless.
  • Deliberately place the cursor near fields or screen elements you want to refer to. The arrow cursor should be pointed at the element and can rest there as you describe it. This will aid the audience in locating the visual material.
  • If you make an error in a spoken phrase, simply stop and pause for a couple of seconds, then say the whole phrase over again. When editing, you can see these pauses on the timeline and cut the pause and error from the video production.
  • When you make an error, maintain the cursor at the current location where you made the error. This will eliminate a distracting jump when the gaps are edited out.

If you properly prepare the material for the desktop recording session and follow the tips above you can make a quality video that will enlighten and entertain your audience, good luck and enjoy. 

Dog Marking Codes – Territory Marking and Dog Scent Mixing

Everyone has seen a male dog lift his leg to mark his territory. It’s dog instinctive behavior, but why? Most people are not aware of the significance behind or beyond that.

In wolf packs, only the Alpha male and Alpha female lift a leg to mark. All other members of the pack, regardless of sex, from Beta to Omega, must squat. That’s why you see some males squat to urinate and some females lift their hind legs.

The urine contains messages to warn unwelcome visitors and members of other packs of the strength of the Alpha, his age, and how the pack is faring. Other markings such as gnawing on trees and rubbing ear wax into the ground are used as well. [Sometimes you might see your dog rub the side of his head on the ground. He’s marking.]

Because predators are many in the wild, wolves sometimes roll in caribou droppings to disguise themselves. This helps them avoid detection by approaching enemies or predators. [The attraction of cat dung?]

For example, wolves are deemed mature and leave the pack in which they grew up when they are two years of age, searching for a mate and a permanent pack. When a two-year-old leaves a pack, the Alpha male of the new territory will sometimes roll in caribou droppings and follow essentially parallel to him for a while. The newcomer’s scent sends messages such as, “I would be a contributor here,” or “My best experience is as a young, good hunter.” The disguised Alpha then evaluates those messages and determines if he will accept the newcomer. If he does, then the whole pack does.

Domestic dogs imitate these behaviors when they feel threatened. Excessive marking and rolling in dung are signs of insecurity. Territory marking builds the dog’s confidence. Surely there’s a better way to build confidence, a way of correcting dog marking behaviors!

When wolves have been frightened in the wild, they run to the pack leader and each one licks his face and chin, they bite him lovingly under his chin, and the Alpha female commences the cleaning of his eyes. The pack members then lick and clean each other’s faces and eyes. You see this behavior when two dogs have been put in the same environment and are coming to accept each other.

Next, the Alpha male wolf will generally release his glandular scent on the Beta (as he does not let anyone near his Alpha female). Then the Beta will rub himself against another member, and they spread the scent marking throughout the entire pack. This also stimulates the oil glands in their skin, so that their own personal scent is heightened and renewed, and their coats are kept excellent condition. Importantly, this daily ritual strengthens pack bonds of unity and serves as a reminder of the Alpha’s competence, thereby boosting confidence both individually and as a pack.

Sometimes they also release their scents from the glands at the top of their tails. That odor is NOT pleasant to human noses! You have probably smelled it when a dog is scared enough. It’s unmistakable!

Many people try to cure such fear-based marking by their dogs through petting and pampering. Of course, that does not work!

If you are at home and your dog is scared, do NOT pet him. Instead, allow him to lick your chin and cheeks. This way, he will relax. This is an appropriate way of building his confidence, using his dog pack instincts to your and his advantage.

Internet Security – What Does it Actually Mean?

A computer that is connected to any computing network is under the risk of getting infected by malicious programs. One of the major computing networks that is often prone to get attacked is the internet. It is very important to know about what internet security means and what must one do to make his computer from internet threats

Internet security involves safety of all the internet account and all the data that is present in the computer in such a way that any access from an unknown source is blocked. The most fundamental way of protecting your online security is to make use of strong password which usually involves combination alphabets, numbers and special characters.

You must check that Windows Critical Updates feature is activated or not. It can be activated by going into the Control Panel> System> Automatic Updates tab and choose the option that suits about when how do you want the updates to be installed.

Next step you must take is to check that your computer has the following security programs installed: Firewall, Anti-virus and Anti-spyware. Make sure you regularly update such programs over the internet. Firewall is one of the most important programs as it checks all the inbound and outbound communication on the internet and provides utmost internet security. If any malicious activity is found, the Firewall will easily block it.  

Choose an internet service provider that offers you spam and content filters. Spam mails contain dangerous email attachment, if your ISP’s spam filter blocks it, there will be no chance malicious programs to enter your computer by emails. Practices like avoiding clicking on flashy ads such as porn ads, game download ads, software download ads, etc can help you considerably in keeping your computer free from malicious program. Make use of a browser that has an in-built pop-up blocker.

The internet security of your computer can be fortified by making use of above mentioned steps. It is also necessary to follow safe browsing practices to considerably minimize any threats that can be caused due to surfing online.

Sex Tips: How to Incorporate All 5 Senses

When it comes to sex, it’s easy for men to forget about pretty much everything else besides how their penis feels inside a partner. The sense of touch is certainly imperative for both partners’ enjoyment, but getting the other senses in on the action could heighten the experience. Since frequent sex is a component of penis health and mental wellbeing, men should make the effort to keep their sex lives as fulfilling as possible. The following sex tips can help.


There are many ways to use sight to increase sexual desire, from the obvious to the more subtle. For example, wearing something revealing or flattering can be a good start; viewing explicit materials, either alone beforehand or together as a partner activity, can also be fun.

A subtler way to incorporate the sense of sight for stimulation is to pay attention to the psychology of color. Many people regard the color red as sexy. Either donning a red garment or fitting the bed with red sheets could help boost the mood visually.


What constitutes a stimulating sound varies from person to person. Some find certain types of music to be sensual – blues rock or romantic ballads, for example. If stress is a factor in a couple’s life, then perhaps playing some soothing sounds while offering massages to one another is the best bet for encouraging sexual feelings.

Some couples may prefer to take a kinkier route here and put on a porn video featuring loud sex sounds. They may choose to watch the video, or simply use the audio to turn themselves on.


Some smells are known to cause arousal – some interesting scents, too! From sandalwood and musk to lavender, doughnut and pumpkin pie aromas, couples have plenty to choose from.


As every couple knows, there are many ways to incorporate the tongue into sexual activity. But they can do more than enjoy the taste of one another’s bodies. Some couples like using flavored condoms or lubricants. Others like to get foods into the mix – whipped cream on the nipples or penis tip, for example. Whatever tickles a couple’s taste buds will do (obviously, avoid anything spicy or acidic near the genitals).


One good way to amplify the impact of touch is to remove other senses from the picture – most commonly, sight. A blindfold or tie can be used to block off a partner’s eyes while the other teases and surprises with touches of different pressures all over the body, particularly in erogenous zones. Some partners may also enjoy having their hearing blocked off with ear plugs so that the other’s moves are further unanticipated.

Getting all the senses involved in sensual activity can provide a more well-rounded, whole-body, pleasurable experience to couples. As every individual has specific preferences and desires, couples should discuss what they are interested in pursuing beforehand, and what boundaries may exist that they would not like crossed in their new experimentation.

Men who are planning to up their sexual game should also prepare the penis for extra activity. Friction from sex as well as masturbation can do a number on the penile skin, and keeping it moisturized will help not only soothe dryness and soreness but preserve sensation in the long-run. That’s why men should use a quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with Shea butter and vitamin E, two great natural moisturizers. In addition, Man1 Man Oil contains acetyl L-carnitine, an amino acid that protects nerves in the body. Since frequent handling can cause partial damage to the nerves in the manhood, this ingredient is important for maintaining sensitivity.