Tips For Coaching Multiple Teams When Coaching Youth Football

Some of you may be in a position where you have to or maybe even want to help coach multiple teams during the same season. It can be done using some planning, scheduling and organizing techniques. Be warned however, it is not recommended for most and certainly not for those who don’t feel very confident in your time management or coaching abilities.

I’ve head coached more than one youth football team in three seasons, more about that later. What is important is I have done it in real life, this isn’t theory. Coaching Youth football is one thing, coaching multiple teams is a whole new equation.

Coaching more than one team may involve organizing your football practices in a way that is much different than what you are used to. In order to make it work, you have to get creative. Here are some of the things I did:

I started my football practices 30 minutes early for my younger team, My older team practiced 30 minutes later than the younger team. This allowed me 30 minutes of time alone with each team.

Early on we had a few practices alone, we varied the days each team practiced to allow each team one day per week alone with me.

We combined some of the skill building and technique work within age groups. Some of the more advanced and mature kids on the younger team practiced with the older team and some of the weaker older kids were grouped with the younger kids. This allowed our weaker older kids to rep and get better against kids of their own abilities while allowing the more mature younger kids to be challenged by the older kids. The groups worked side by side with both groups doing the same exact drills.

Most of the special teams work and dynamic warm ups including angle form tackling were supervised by my assistants, which gave me segmented “alone time” with one team.

Team Defensive segments were often done by the defensive coordinators after the first few weeks. In the first few weeks it was important to show the defensive coordinators and players how to run a proper team defensive and defensive recognition segment. After that it was just making sure the written practice plan covered what they needed to work on that segment and what football plays and formations they needed to concentrate on defending that week

You must delegate all the logistics responsibilities to other coaches and parents when coaching multiple youth football teams at once. When the parents pressured me into doing this, I responded by putting all the blocking dummies, and equipment on the field and requiring that they be responsible for it. I did the same for the team “books” and whatever else I could farm out to others. If you have a life, you have to.

Other key factors:

Most of my assistants were second or third year coached with me.The assistant coaches were believers in the system. I had full control of both teams. The parents wanted me to head coach both teams.You MUST have written minute-by-minute practice plans when having multiple teams or even one for that matter when coaching youth football.

My first year coaching two teams was simply because there were not enough coaches. We had plenty of coaches for our “A” and “B” teams but we were real short in our “In House” age 6-8 teams. Since it was “In House” and not very competitive I was able to add this team to my regular coaching duties that year, our age 8-10 “Select” team.

Another year I had to fire an entire age 13-14 coaching staff one week before their first game for not meeting the terms of the agreed upon coaches contract. In addition to that they were “stacking” a “B” team, a very unsportsmanlike and unfair thing to do which by the way is common with very weak coaches who feel the only way their youth football teams can do well is to have overwhelming talent. In this case this “B” team was coached by me and another coach that was also coaching another team at the same time. We couldn’t practice all these teams on the same field so we went to a Tuesday/Saturday schedule. Fortunately the league scheduled so there were no game day conflicts. Funny how that works out when you try to do the right thing. By the way, we kicked the 4 best players up to the “A” team and ended up with a second place team in a very satisfying season.

In 2007 I head coached an age 7-9 and 10-11 team, due to pressure from parents to continue coaching their older children. My preference is to coach a new younger kids team every year and send players on to the next age group rather than stay with the team as they age through the system. In 2008 I’m head coaching 3 teams but we have put in place a set mentoring/apprenticeship program for head coaches that will allow me to go back to coaching just one team in 2009.

If you decide to do this, make sure all your coaches are on board. Make sure to consult with the parents and for safety reasons, do not put kids of dissimilar abilities with huge age gaps against one another.

How to Solve Marital Conflicts and Save Your Marriage

Marriage is not always a bed of roses, problems may arise anytime and you have to be prepared. Disagreements or conflicts are part of any marriage but this doesn’t mean that the marriage has to end. Knowing how to solve marital conflicts will prevent serious problems in your marriage like divorce and separation.

There are different ways and approach to solve marital conflicts but the most important thing is to find a solution that will work for your situation. Here are some tips:

Remember that you are arguing with your spouse and not with an enemy. It is not always bad to argue because this is the time to air your feelings but keep yourself reminded that you are arguing with the person you love, be careful not to hurt your spouse. It is so easy to say bad words but it will be hard to take it back and erase everything you said. The conflicts can be settled in a clean argument without attacking your spouse with bad words and irrational accusations.

Use the word “I” often instead of the word “you.” It is better to say “I am disappointed and I feel neglected” than saying “You disappointed me or you neglected me.” If you avoid accusing your spouse and prefer a positive way to deal with the problems, it will be easier to solve marital conflicts without resulting to another argument.

Control your anger. This is easier said than done, but it is not impossible to control your emotions. Do not let your anger control you. Nothing good will come out if your actions are dictated by your anger. Let it pass for a while and think things over before talking to your spouse about the conflicts and issues. Being angry is not a good start if you want to solve marital conflicts.

Compromise. To solve marital conflicts, you have to find a common ground to compromise. You have to meet in the middle and make an agreement about the issues that you both are trying to resolve. If one is not willing to compromise, then the problem will not be resolved.

Admit when you are wrong. To some people admitting their mistakes is very hard, but there is nothing wrong in admitting you are wrong if this gesture will end your disputes. It will benefit your relationship and it will help you to solve marital conflicts if you are mature enough to admit your mistakes.

Gifts. Yes, this is another way to solve marital conflicts. Giving your spouse gifts or peace offering will make the stressful situation a little lighter. This will soften his or her heart and will give you the chance to talk, make up and settle your differences in a nice way.

Forgive and forget. Accept that your spouse have weaknesses too. You have to learn to accept your spouse together with his or her flaws. Learning to forgive and forget his or her mistakes will make your marriage stronger.

The Benefits of Oak Trees on Hunting Land

Oak trees are perhaps one of the most beneficial tree species to have on your property when it comes to attracting wildlife. Along with creating great habitat, oak trees provide top notch food for a variety of animal species. Many game species benefit from the high-protein and high fat content of acorns, and they are often a preferred food during the fall months. Many species of mammals, birds, insects and reptiles rely on oak trees during some point in their life cycle. A selection of Minnesota animals that rely on acorns for nutrition include white-tailed deer, black bears, Wild Turkey, Ruffed Grouse, squirrels, and other wildlife. Acorns are high in carbohydrates, and help animals gain fat for the winter.

Oaks can be categorized one of two ways; as a white oak or a red oak. They are generally simple to tell apart; white oaks have rounded margins (edges) on their leaves, and red oaks have pointed leaf margins. Animals tend to prefer acorns from white oaks, because they are larger and sweeter, especially whitetail deer. In fact, it is often said that acorns from White oaks are “Deer Candy” because they are intensely attracted to them. Red oak acorns have more tannins (tannic acid), which make them taste more bitter then the white oaks. Humans can eat acorns as well, but if you gather them yourself be sure to boil them in several changes of water to reduce the bitter tannins, which are also slightly toxic to us (when eaten in large amounts).

Common species of white oak in Minnesota include:

– Bur

– White

– Swamp white

Common species of red oak in Minnesota include:

– Black

– Northern red

– Northern pin

There are over 600 species of oak (Quercus spp.) worldwide, and about 60 in the United States. In Minnesota, all oaks are deciduous, meaning they lose their leaves every fall and grow new ones in the spring. Oak trees, and trees in general, can benefit your home or cabin by reducing cooling costs through the shade that they produce. They also help control storm water runoff, reduce air pollution, and sequester carbon from the air (these qualities are also benefits of trees in general). Notably long-lived species, oaks may live for 500 years or more. Common lifespans of Minnesota oaks tend to range from 100 – 250 years, depending on the species. Planting and caring for oak trees on your property is a keen investment in the future. If you have any questions about oak trees contact me or a local forester or tree nursery.

Although they are very beneficial there is one large problem with oak tress. They can often take a lifetime to grow into a mature tree that produces. The problem with this is that it can prevent people from planting them. Also, because the wood of the tree is so valuable, stands of oaks are often logged off and sold. Because of that reason, it can often be hard to find large stands of oaks on public land. If you find an oak stand on public property, you may have found a gold mind for whitetail hunting, especially if you are a bow hunter.

Overall, oaks are extremely beneficial to a habitat and can be a much needed food source for many wildlife species. As a real estate agent who focuses on hunting land, I always urge land owners to never cut down large mature oaks. Not only do they provide the owner with a better hunting opportunity, but when it comes time to sell their hunting land oaks CAN increase the price and and buyer competition.

Seduce Your Friend’s Sister Without Creating Troubles!

It is really okay to go out with your friend’s sister as long as you handle the situation well. Most guys are very possessive about their sisters and if you are the type that likes to flirt around and if this friend of yours knows about it then you are a dead duck! You will obviously have to be a little manipulative in order to maintain calm and peace between the friend and the sister.

The first thing that you should know is that, guys no matter how flirtatious they themselves are, would always want their sisters to settle down with guys who have never had a girl in their lives. As much impractical it may sound, it is the truth. Therefore, your chances initially will be slim as I am sure you don’t belong to that group. Don’t tell your friend that you have a crush on his sister. If you are flirting around with other girls, in the mean time, don’t let him know that. Start doing something nice for the friend. Remember that the friend knows you well so please don’t take a three sixty degree turn and become overtly nice. Change gradually and stop talking about girls as much as possible. Tell your friend that your interest has shifted from girls to something else, something that is much more serious and mature.

Make yourself a little boring and uninteresting but not stupid. Hang out with your friend as much as possible and do something for him that will make him indebted to you. Start meeting her sister in front of him, never allowing him the feeling that you like her. Treat her casually but in a friendly way. Do not flirt with her when her brother is not around. She should be able to trust you. Once a foundation has been laid and you guys have met several times, you can ask her out but off course with your friend’s permission. He may or may not grant you permission; this will depend totally on how you present it. Tell him that you are just taking her out for lunch. This is a very safe option, as your friend will know that you can’t get physical with the girl in broad daylight at a restaurant. Convince the girl to go out with you as well.

Once you manage to take her out for lunch, keep repeating the process till the brother relaxes. By this time, I am assuming that you would have charmed the girl enough, to actually want to go out with you. Next, move on to the movies, this is a slightly more dangerous situation for the brother as once the lights go out anything can happen between the two of you. Once you have repeated this process take her out for dinner. But always remember to drop her home after that.

It might sound tedious but this is the best way of handling a brother. By the end of, say, two months you will not only have a girl to love and sleep with but also a brother and a friend.

Video Games For Kids

In this article I’d like to stress a little of the pros and cons of video games intended for kids, for the reason that in spite of all the off-putting press video games pick up, especially in regard to kids, I do believe there is the possibility for a lot of good.

Starting with the obvious reasons parents regularly do not allow their kids to take part in play video games, probably number one on the list is that it maybe very bad for their eyes. With the new wave of high vision television sets I’m not certain if eye harm is as bad as old-style cathode-ray tube television, but by all means it is still not all that good for the eyes, and this is not restricted to children either. It would be terrific if a tv screen might be made that wasn’t so harmful… or next to least not to the degree so as to non-reversible harm it can do. So if this problem could possibly be addressed, I’m positive that this would take quite a bit of sting of the argument.

Second on the record is that video games are bad on behalf of their brains. In this regard I would have to say it depends on the game, but with the tremendous lack of accountability on the part of the game makers the destructive reputation is surely deserved. Were the quality of the games a trace superior, with a lesser amount of a degree of uncalled-for violence and destruction, perhaps parents would not be so destructive to the plan.

Third on the slant is that period spent unconsciously playing these games takes away from time that kids could be spending playing ‘real’ sports, studying or engaging in quality time with their acquaintances or folks. Kids are so occupied at the present time that time management has turn out to be an problem even for 2 year olds, but with a balance of proper scheduling I’m guaranteed there would not be the need to poo-poo the whole concept of kids playing these games merely on that explanation.

Digital Signage – a New Generation of Distributed IP Video Solutions

The expanding world of digital signage has led to the development of a wide variety of digital signature software that integrates distributed IP video solutions. This software is often used as part of a digital signage network that is sometimes known as a CAN (captured audience network). IP video refers to Internet Protocol video. The software controls the video distribution to the display monitors. Just about any video can be used in this network.

One of the first applications of this technology has been in the retail industry. Pre-recorded videos can be shown on various monitors located around the sales floor that present videos appropriate to the department where the monitor is located. A music video can be shown in the CD area, and a fashion show can be shown in the ladies clothing department. The control hardware can store large quantities of video signals for use in the system allowing an unlimited amount of mixing and matching.

Many companies are beginning to see the advantages of CAN based digital signage solutions in such areas as information distribution and training. Video signals can be downloaded from remote sources or even filmed onsite and distributed to remote monitors anywhere within the network. Training classes or information updates can be received by employees right at their workstations eliminating the need to gather in a central location. The applications of digital signage in the workplace are increasing everyday, and the surface has barely been scratched.

Another area that has utilized distributed IP video solutions is surveillance type systems. Correctional facilities have used the technology to coordinate signals received from remote cameras with other functions such as door locking and alarming. This is another area where IP video solutions and digital signage software has just started to be used, and it is certain that more applications will be developed in the future.

Schools are beginning to recognize the value of IP video solutions also. The ability to present instructional videos and relay information from a central location to remote areas such as individual classrooms has opened unlimited possibilities within schools. One of the major advantages of school use is that the system can be student run which provides the additional benefit of training students in a rapidly expanding technical field. The new generation of distributed IP video solutions is rapidly making digital signage an indispensable part of such diverse areas as retail locations, schools, prisons, and the office place.

Dating Software Video Player

Looking to include a cool video player in your dating software? Wazzum has included a really nice video player for our dating software and it allows your members to upload videos and they will be converted and played in our flash video player. We took it one step further and added a YouTube component and added it to the Media area which allows your members to copy and paste a YouTube code to their profile.

With this new dating software video player, the software just gets better and better. We heard from a lot of you about adding a YouTube component that will let you upload a YouTube videos so we can say that we have now added it. We also have changed the way the video is played in the profile. We think you will like it. We have used AJAX and Java to profile the video upload as well as the YouTube video in such a way that will keep your members engaged.

We have also added a really cool flash audio player into the dating software that allows your members to upload multiple audio files to their profile and will be played back in a digital radio style flash player. It’s really cool how it works and we have used some nice colors to make it stand out in the profile. This as well as the video player surely makes the profile look that much better. Our goal was to make it flow for the user. So when members see your content, it will be presented in a way that will definitely get them to sign up and use your dating site.

We are constantly adding new things to our dating software and we hope that you like them. If you want a feature added, do let us know.

Thanks and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.


Be Nice To Each Other, Every Day

I’m not a logically thinker, I’m an emotional thinker. But I often try to find the logic in things. This morning I woke up, like most of the World, to the disaster that is Ferguson, MO. After a one sided debated with an unsuspecting, still half asleep husband on minorities, slavery and the American Indians (all before coffee I might add), I read a letter in the New York Times by Anita Menzies called “A Shepard’s Trick”. It’s about a girl who drowned in a pond. A neighbor rescued her, swung her around his head, causing the water to come shooting out her mouth and nose. He was a Shepard for 30 years and had to do that when the sheep were born “dead”. This little girl would not be alive if it wasn’t for him and his quick actions.

I wondered to myself this morning (after finally putting some caffeine in my system) about things we do in life and how, perhaps, they are all to get us ready for one specific purpose, one reason for why we are here. I don’t know the answer to this question, I was just wondering, wondering if Ferguson happened so people would raise their children differently. Parents explaining to their children that you can get just as much action, if not more action, by peaceful demonstrating, then with violence. Maybe that Shepard was a Shepard for 30 years, just to save a little girl when he was an old man. Imagine the things that had to fall into place for that old man to end up living next door to the little girl, to be outside or even home that very minute, that day.

Maybe I’m a product of a child from the 70’s, raised by a hippie mother, a fan of John Lennon, but just imagine a life living in peace and happiness. None of us really knows the real reason we are here, who we impact and how we impact them, but I am certain that if we lived our lives being nice to each other, we would only get nice back. I know I’ve said it before but the Golden Rule is something that we should teach our children while they are still in the womb and every day of their lives, it should be said every morning in schools, it should be said every day, out loud, by everyone, young and old alike. Maybe there would be no more bullying, maybe we would always have peaceful demonstrations, maybe I am really naive and unrealistic, but I can “Imagine” the world living as one and I like that idea.

Just be nice to people folks, just smile at someone today, and do something nice for someone today, treat someone today like you want to be treated. You will find, I guarantee, you will feel better about yourself and in turn making your piece of the world happier. Maybe it will catch on and all the pieces will join together. Just Imagine.

What Is Executive Pension Plan?

As the name implies, an executive pension plan is a tax-efficient savings plan designed especially for executives, senior executives, key employees and directors of a company. It is one of the best forms of pension schemes that enable the executives to get a tax-free income after retirement.

How does this work?

Executive Pension Plan is regulated by the Pensions Regulator. In most cases the employer pays into the plan, in others, both the employer and the employee pay in the plan. Thus a tax-efficient fund is designed for the employee. This is used to provide tax-free cash and a pension income to the executive after his retirement. Executive pension plans are similar to any other pension schemes in which they function as money purchase occupational pension schemes.

Normally, Executive Pension Plans (EPPs) are designed by the company directors for their personal benefit. But it can be utilized by their favoured key employees with the same levels of income that this investment can offer. In such cases, the pension fund is held up under a trust in which the trustees are responsible for the day-to-day administration activities like ensuring if the payment contributions and the payout benefits are maintained regularly. Under this scheme, each employee can have the liberty to retire early or to work past the company’s retirement date.


The executive pension plan has huge benefits for the employers when it comes to recruiting potential employees. Employers can attract and motivate the employees and reward them with EPP schemes based on their performance. Showering performance incentives for your employees can be a good idea. But still offering them a long term benefit, something which they could count on even after their active working years allows them to understand that they are your important business assets.

Another benefit of executive pension plan is that certain schemes are eligible for a top up. With an increase in the life expectancy of the applicant, topping up the plan can help in building a larger fund that guarantees a high level of income post retirement.

Moreover, the employees feel comfortable as most of the schemes do not require their regular contribution. Their company will contribute a particular sum of money that goes into their executive pension plan which will mature at the time of their retirement. This is the extra benefit from executive pension schemes that are more advantageous than other forms of plans. With this plan in hand, each employee is guaranteed of tax-free returns for the rest of their life. It also forms part of their main income source which they can depend on at all times.

When it comes to the retirement date, each employee can choose their own year of retirement. They can either choose to retire early or to work past the company’s set date of retirement. Whatever the choice is, the employee will still be able to enjoy a worry-free income for the rest of his life. All these advantages attract a large number of executives to sign up for a pension plan that guarantees long time tax-free income.

Sake to Me Baby!

Kanpai! As one Japanese business man says to the other after a long days work. But what are they drinking that cause such joy to their demure. I ask them and one says “Nihonshu!” I catch myself looking confused and then just smile at him saying thank you.

As I sit there in silence wondering about what he is talking about and how do I find out more about the drink he is so thoroughly enjoying I decide to order the same thing he is having. But to my surprise, there are many ways to drink said drink.

The bartender, a pretty little woman with pink and black hair done up with two pigtails, asks me if I want it straight, on the rocks, or hot. When she says hot it perked my interests and thought to myself, “I think this might be sake”, so I asked her if it is sake and she said something funny that I will never forget, “everything in this bar is sake”, I laugh a little. I guess I must have looked confused because she then went on to explain that the word for alcohol is sake and also she was just joking around with me to see if I caught on, still I just laugh a little.

As we start to talk I begin to understand all the complexities of what sake is, or what it is really called, Nihonshu. She started to explain to me that there are many kinds/grades of Nihonshu.

1. Kunshu (Fragrant Sake) It is called “Ginjoshu”, and has a fruity and floral fragrance and a clear and brisk flavour. Ginshoshu which is polished down to 50% or less is called “Dai-ginjoshu” (or simply “Daiginjo”).

2. Soshu (Fresh Sake) Sake that is not heated for pasteurisation such as “Namazake” and “Honjozoshu”, and sometimes “Junmaishu” is included, and has a fruity fragrance and a fresh and clear flavour. It is suited to drink as “Reishu” (cold sake).

3. Junshu (Pure Sake) “Junmaishu” is included in this category and made only from white rice, rice koji, and water. It has wide range of flavour from mild to rich body which lasts long time. Suited for hot sake.

4. Jukushu (Mature Sake) “Jukushu” means aged sake, and has a deep flavour mixed with the sweet, sour and bitter taste and a wealth of fragrance. It tends to be full-body.

So as I sat there listening to this woman talk about Sake in such a way that can only truly be understood if you yourself have been drinking Sake for a long time. So when you meet a person like her, you start to think differently about the drink you will soon be drinking.

I start to look around the bar and enjoy the atmosphere of all the good times people are having. But then I realised that I was so engaged by this woman showing so much passion for Sake that I didn’t order my drink yet. So I order…